14 February 2012

hand hook yarn

I've just rediscovered a website I favourited some while ago: Hand Hook Yarn. Berri Drum of Hand Hook Yarn is a designer from Melbourne who creates stunning accessories for enhancing the décolletage using quality materials such as pure Indian silk, exotic feathers and Australian leather. When I first stumbled upon the label I fell in love with these retro crochet collars, made from Egyptian mercerised cotton and inspired by the sixties crochet movement. But I also adore the newer additions - feather and suede necklaces and breastplates, perfect for wearing with a simple vest or dress. I want!
 Go visit the Hand Hook Yarn website for all the ranges (including a collection of cowboy style ties for the lads) and pop over to the Facebook page to say hello.

Ps, Happy Valentine's Day! (If you're that way inclined). I'm personally not a huge fan of the forced romance day, but we use it as a great excuse to enjoy one of our favourite foods: steak (medium-rare with asparagus and onion rings). Tonight we're also fortunate enough to be looking forward to (heavily discounted) scallops, (half-price) vanilla Carte D'Or and beer that someone left at our house. Good times! Much love to you all :)

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