17 February 2012

weekend link love

Happy Friday peeps :)

Three things..
1: I discovered we have a cellar under our house. Yes, there is a secret trapdoor in our "cupboard under the stairs" and under the trapdoor there are steps headed downwards. Tres excitement, non?
2: A shop update will be happening rather soon. I am so close to finishing some peachy springtime goodness. I just need to a burst of sunshine to both motivate me and provide adequate lighting for pictures.
3: In a surprising turn of events, I have deviated from the path of all that is good and machine embroidered and am having my crafty needs met elsewhere. More on that on Monday..

In the meantime, enjoyable reads from around the blogosphere this week..

Tabitha Shafran new illustrations.

Peaceful parenting and why African babies don't cry. 

Beach hair style tutorial.

Pink details in Emma Lamb's studio.

Plus my favourite forty percent fringe : sixty percent face blog post from this week - a crocheted twine basket.


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