23 March 2012

weekend link love

Have just stumbled upon the incredible Mochimochi Land, home to cute and strange knitting patterns for teeny toys by designer Anna Hrachovec. Love!

Hope you have a fabby weekend. We are going for dinner with friends tonight and I have plans for a flea market trip tomorrow. Back Monday and in the meantime: don't forget to enter into my giveaway for a crocheted necklace! Plus..

Would you wear these £320 crocheted stilettos by Marc Jacobs?

Painting with bleach on textiles.

Simple ideas to stay inspired.

Do you want to know the sex of your baby before it's born?

A super cute red and white party.

I'm considering wearing one of these to weddings this year.

Make a chipmunk toy from a recycled glove.

Gorgeous mini herringbone scarf knitting pattern.

Plus my favourite forty percent fringe : sixty percent face blog post from this week - how to join granny sqaures (part one).


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