23 October 2012

autumn recipes

1 Pumpkin chocolate cheesecake bars 2 Autumn pasta
3 Mini pumpkin pies 4 Pumpkin chilli 5 Homemade cider with pumpkin chai infusion

This coming weekend I have a day all to myself. I'm pretty excited because we've been so busy lately and I'm already planning what I'm going to do with those precious few hours. A looong bath will most definitely happen, and some time catching up on my pile of half-read books. I'm hoping to dust off my sewing machine and make some pretty things, and maybe a trip into town for some winter shoes. Most of all I'm looking forward to getting some baking time in. I bought some pumpkins and squashes this week - just because they were too beautiful to leave behind - and this evening I've been eyeing up recipes on foodgawker to see what I can do with them; I think my first pumpkin pie is in order..
What are your favourite autumn treats to bake?

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