18 October 2012


My sister-in-law, Lizzi, told me about Bill's, a favourite eatery of hers in Lewes and I was super excited to find out that Cardiff have just got their very own Bill's restaurant and shop. We popped along on Saturday, but it wasn't yet open to the public so couldn't have a proper gander. However, through the windows I could see fancy produce piled high and beautiful decor throughout, including fresh white chalk scrawled on a number of blackboards. It looked divine! Bill's is open for breakfast, lunch, tea and supper and the menu is mouthwatering - I've already decided what I'm having when we dine there (mozarella-stuffed risotto balls, Bill's fish pie and lemon meringue pie cheesecake, if you're interested). I love that the menu includes a description of each wine, and there's a good range of soft drinks too, including a pink lemonade and vanilla ice-cream float! Now here's the best bit about Bill's: if you fancy taking some produce home with you, pick up a flyer, tick the items you'd like to purchase (there's everything from fig jam to Bill's beer, honeycomb fudge and lime pickle) and the waiting staff will bring your groceries back to your table. Genius! Bill Collison, founder of Bill's, says their aim is to "look after our customers well and serve them great seasonal dishes at good prices". I have to say, the food looks like excellent value for money and I can't wait for my first Bill's experience.

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aLittleBlonde said...

Ooh exciting! Trust me, you're in for a real treat! I live just across town from the Bills in Lewes and every time my parents are over to visit we try and find an excuse to go, especially for breakfast - there're nothing quite like a bills breakfast. Enjoy :)

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