06 November 2012

grey bedroom inspiration

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Although I'm pretty happy wherever I happen to be living, lately I keep thinking about how great it would be to be able to buy a place of our own, instead of renting. I never seem to be able to properly settle in a house and make it my own, knowing that it's pointless spending money on pretty wallpaper and fancy fittings because we'll soon be off to the next temporary abode. The majority of our friends own their homes and it's lovely to see how they've chosen to make their mark on a house, and to hear about what renovations are planned next. Even though I know we're a long, long way off from that, I can't help daydreaming about what my own home may look like. I tend to choose bright, bold colours, but recently we stayed with friends whose guest bedroom was decorated in a soft green and white colour scheme; it made me feel incredibly relaxed and refreshed and made me think about how I might choose to decorate our (dream) bedroom. I went in search of a cool, tonal palette - clean greys as the base, made interesting with chunky knits, bare wood, crisp white linen, quirky fixtures and contrasting patterns. Above are some of my best finds; I think I would feel very calm and rested waking up in one of those beds! How about you? What's your ideal colour scheme for a bedroom?

Ps, I seem to have a thing for grey lately; see handmade cosy accessories and black and white decor ideas.

1 comment:

Mrs Jones said...

I love that colour they call Greige (a warm grey beige colour). I think as long as a room gets light, grey would work well.

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