07 January 2013

firmoo glasses

Jumper dress and jeans by H&M | Boots by Office | Glasses c/o Firmoo | Scarf - vintage

Before Christmas, the awesome people at Firmoo let me pick out a new pair of glasses. I was super excited as I'd said to Phil just a few days earlier that I could do with some new ones since mine were looking a little worse for wear. I'd never ordered glasses online before so was a bit dubious but it turned out to be really simple. Firmoo have a virtual try-on system where you can upload a picture of yourself and see how each pair of glasses will look on you - such an awesome feature! And then you just type in your presciption and you're good to go. Or if you don't need prescription glasses but want to wear specs anyway, you can just get clear lenses; I think this is a really fun and easy way to update your look. Firmoo are based in the US but ship globally and I was delighted by how quickly my new specs arrived. They came with a teeny screwdriver and two different cases. I think Firmoo's eyewear products are very reasonably priced anyway, but if you sign up to Firmoo now you can get your first pair of glasses free (just pay for postage). What do you think of the glasses I chose? I wanted some that stood out but that were still quite classy; I really love them :)

Ps, sorry for the boring pictures, I had a super busy weekend and didn't have time to scout out a pretty flower patch to pose in ;)

Please note that I was gifted these glasses in return for writing this post but all opinions are my own and I wouldn't promote a product or company that I didn't genuinely like!

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