22 January 2013

five party season essentials for your handbag

 Unplanned nights out are one of the best parts of the Christmas season, and what begins as a normal Friday in the office can easily end in a night to remember. With these five handbag tips for this party season, you can make sure you look fabulous even when you don’t have time to go home and primp.
Make-up basics: Carrying your entire make-up bag around would be handy, but sadly it isn’t practical. Choose your make-up essentials carefully. Bring one mascara (false lash effect is great for when you’re in a hurry), a clear lipgloss, and a concealer stick to touch up smudged foundation. It’s also a good idea to throw in a sample sized bottle of your signature perfume, to keep you smelling fresh.

Ballerina flats: After spending all day in the same pair of heels it’s a good idea to change into something comfortable when you leave the office. Having a pair of nice flat shoes tucked inside your handbag means you can leave your work shoes at work and still look good when you hit the town. Your feet will thank you.

Dry shampoo and kirby grips: By 6pm hair can start to look flat, even if you washed it that morning. Keep a can of dry shampoo in your bag to give it an instant lift. Your hair will look and smell cleaner, and dry shampoo makes it easier to style. If your handbag isn’t big enough for dry shampoo, keep some kirby grips ready to hand instead so that you can quickly throw together a new hairstyle.

Healthy snacks: It goes without saying that people get inebriated more quickly when they don’t eat! It’s a good idea to carry healthy snacks such as dried fruit or wholegrain biscuits to keep woozy feelings at bay. They may also stop you from craving a greasy kebab on the way home.
A bag big enough to fit all your essentials: The most important handbag-based accessory is the bag itself. Choose one that can easily transition from office to evening – black, brown, and burgundy are good colours. A handbag with plenty of zips and pockets to keep your essentials from rolling about too much is also useful, and you can find some truly fabulous handbags at Very.co.uk to complement any outfit.

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