15 February 2013

30 before 30

I've noticed a lot of '30 before 30' lists around the blogosphere and they've inspired me to work on my own. Obviously I'm some way off from turning 30 but four years seems a good amount of time to accomplish a few simple goals :) Few of my goals are particularly life-changing, they're just things I've been wanting to do or feel I should do sometime in the near future, while I still can. The list is a work in progress (I've been working on it for the last month) and I'll be updating it whenever I think of a new goal or can cross off a completed task. Hopefully I'll have tackled all thirty by the time I'm aged 30, but if not it's not big deal.

So, if you're interested, here's my list..

1. See more of the world! I particularly want to visit Sweden, Morocco, New Zealand, Amsterdam, Japan, New York, the Maldives and Berlin.
2. Get to know the areas and attractions more local to us (eg, Brecon Beacons, the Gower, Barry Island, Rhossili Bay, Mumbles, Llandaff Cathedral in Wales, and the Lake District, Glasgow, Edinburgh, the Peak District and Dublin outside of Wales).
3. Dine in the following Cardiff eateries: Milgi, Waterloo Tea Gardens, Buffalo, 10 Feet Tall, Madeira, Scalini's, Tenkaichi, Purple Poppadom, Bill's, The Potted Pig, Pettigrew Tea Rooms, The Cosy Club, Canteen on Clifton Street, The Clink Cymru, Fish at 85, Cafe Citta.
4. Learn to play my ukulele. Also if I get the opportunity I'd love to learn the double bass or harp.
5. Buy a house (that has stairs and a garden).
6. Learn to take decent photographs. I also want to learn how to take good bokeh shots.
7. Make and use a pinhole camera.
8. Write the craft book I've had in my head for a long time and either get it published or share it as an e-book.
9. Make a wedding cake. Or any cake that has layers and/or fiddly bits.
10. Get a tattoo. Just a teeny little one.
11. Enrol on a craft course. Something to do with sugarcraft, hat-making, upholstery or shoe design, I think.
12. Get a dog.
13. Get a cat.
14. Be better at looking after my body: join a pilates class, go swimming once a week and workout at least twice a week. Maybe get back into running if my back can handle it.
15. Get back into drawing and painting, and keep an art journal/scrapbook.
16. Set up a craft group that gets together regularly, where we learn new crafts, do group projects and meet up with other groups.
17. Go camping. Not to a festival, and not where we're relying on friends to put up our tent and get the stove working for us.
18. Be in a permanent/stable/reliable job. Or as much of those things as it can be, given the current state of things.
19. Try a new hairstyle and colour.
20. Develop my baking and cookery skills. I especially would love to make a gingerbread house, soft cheese, salted caramel, a cheesecake, braided bread, a cake iced with buttercream roses, an ombre cake, fondant fancies, brunch pastries, honeycomb, peppermint creams, mozarella, a lemon custard tart, panna cotta, pork pies, a battenberg cake, madeleines, lemon curd ice-cream, scotch eggs.
21. Develop my blog further: have frequent guest posters, monthly sponsored giveaways, long-term sponsors and a growing readership.
22. Start working towards a self-sufficient lifestyle, even if lack of space means that to begin with that just means growing herbs and tomatoes ;)
23. Take Phil skiing; I'm desperate to go again and show him how much fun it is!
24. Complete a big crocheted blanket project.
25. Own, and keep alive, at least one plant.
26. Learn Welsh.
27. Own, and wear, at least one non-winter hat.
28. Run a 10k.
29. Start my own business.

Do you have a goal list? Feel free to join in with my 30 before 30 challenge and share with me :) Hx


aLittleBlonde said...

That's a great list, I can see you're going to be busy!! I love the list of things you want to bake and the one about camping. And the Bill's over here in Sussex is amazing so I whole heatedly agree you need to go there!
Thank you for nipping over to my blog and leaving a comment on my 22 before 22 :)

Clare Trotter said...

I love this! I would very much like to help you make some of these goals come true! Can we bake madeleines when i'm back?! Love you loads xxx

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