19 February 2013

short bob inspiration

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Last summer I got brave and had my super long hair cut into a long bob. Lately I've been thinking it could be fun to take it further and get a short bob (whilst keeping my heavy fringe, which I couldn't be without). I'm not entirely sure if this style will suit me so I'm going to check in with my hairdresser to see if she thinks a short, thick bob could work with my face shape. Above are some of the prettiest short bob styles I found via Pinterest. Dawn Porter is my absolute favourite, I've admired her sense of style for years and her current hair is just beautiful.

What do you think of short bobs? Do you think it works with a heavy fringe or looks too harsh? Would love for you to share your thoughts! Hx


twoforjoy design said...

Lovely! I love Dawn Porters hair too.

My experience of a short bob/heavy fringe is that I think it depends a lot on the texture of your hair - when I took the plunge, my reasonably thick hair went mad, and i could never quite avoid the mushroom head look!

Ali said...

I once had a sleek short bob which I loved. Unfortunately my regular hairdresser couldn't do my hair but said another girl would. She cut it off, once she started chopping there was nothing I could do. I think it's a great look and Dawn Potter looks lovely with her shorter look. Can't wait to see what you decide to do.
Ali x

Lauren Jade said...

Oh these are stunning! When i finally get my hair long i always start getting envious of styles like this haha :(


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