12 February 2013

valentine's baking

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We don't really go in for Valentine's Day, it feels a bit like a day of forced romance to me. But I stumbled upon some heart-shaped inspiration on Pinterest today and couldn't resist sharing a few ideas for sweet treats. Last year I made heart-shaped rose-flavoured macarons just for fun; this year I'm loving the look of those nautical heart cookies.. Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? What plans do you have?


Silver Moss Jewellery said...

A quiet Valentine for me this year as my other half is away, but love the idea of using it as an excuse to cook sweet and delicious goodies ;) thanks for sharing these - hope you have a good Valentine's day :)

amanda tinsley said...

Great, I will take one of each <3 I'm having a picnic in my living room.

new follower:)

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