10 May 2013

craft trends

Just a few of my favourite crafting trends at the moment:
 Dipped - this can be done to just about any piece of wooden, glass or ceramic furniture or homeware and I think it looks great in a mix of neon and pastel tones. I definitely want to try this on some old jam jars to transform them into flower vases and pen pots. The dipped utensils would make such a good gift for a foodie friend.
♥ Pom-poms - the bigger the better! Pom-poms are really fun to make; you can produce just a few each evening and before you know it you've got enough to create a very unique rug, stringing them together in a circle, square or rectangle, depending on what would suit your living space. I love the jumbo pom-pom wall hanging and think it would make a fantastic backdrop for a photoshoot or wedding photobooth.
♥ Wall decals - specifically when they are used on furniture instead of the wall, or even better if they merge between both, like in the pictures above. The birds have been used to give new life to an old chest of drawers in an easy and fun upcycling project. The polka dots are a really fun idea for a brightly-coloured baby's room and I love the tree design, although if you were to have this in your home, you'd have to be the kind of person who doesn't feel the need to rearrange furniture often!

Any craft trends you're currently loving? What do you think of the ones I chose? Pinterest is so handy for keeping up-to-date with what's going on in the crafting world! Hx

Ps, emerald homeware picks inspired by Pantone's trending colour.

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