13 June 2013

favourite sunglasses

Summer is here! Or at least it was when I thought to write this post.. Now it's raining and I have the kind of headache that tells me there's going to be a storm any day now, but anywho.. Summer is sort of here. I love Summer for many, many reasons, one of them being that I get to buy and wear new sunglasses. I have found my perfect sunglasses (similar pair here), but here are a few more styles I wouldn't mind adding to my collection.. Do you like my picks? Hx

Ps, how awesome are these eyebrow sunglasses?!

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Gemma Healey said...

I must admit that I tend to buy cheaper make 'sunnies' as I tend to break / loose a few pairs each year. My current favourites are actually a pair my mum bought from me from River Island.
It's a shame that we're nt having the weather that demands that I wear them though at the moment! *Humph*

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