02 June 2013

room for improvement

A couple of weeks ago, MoneySupermarket challenged me to improve a room in my house, as part of Room for Improvement, their campaign to showcase how creative we are as a nation when working on a tight budget. So I was given £50 and I set out on my merry room-improving way. I chose to makeover our bedroom - it's the room I least liked in our home because we tended to use it as a dumping ground, it's quite small and dark, had hideous brown curtains and mismatched bedding.

Here's what it looked liked...
And here's what it looks like now...
If you're a regular reader over here, you may know that I currently have a love for black and white interiors and grey furnishings. So I chose to go with a black, white and grey theme, with pops of pink to brighten things up a bit. I realised early on that given the tight financial and time budgets, I wouldn't be able to source items all in the same shade of pink so I had fun picking out a mixture of pinks in varying shades.
Gingham fabric - Ikea - £14.00
Mirror ball - Maplin - £14.99

A lot of my budget went on fabric for the curtains. I didn't buy quite enough so made the tabs using scraps of fabric I had in my stash and I also used second-hand buttons from my button tin. This mirror ball was definitely my favourite buy. The house we stayed in over the Easter break had a disco ball in the kitchen window - such a great way to reflect light, and light is definitely what this room needed! (Also Mr. W washed the windows which helped let more light in - who knew?!)
Pink candles - Ikea - £1.50
Grey candles c/o/ Next
Vase c/o Next
Rug - Ikea - £10.00
Washi tape - The Range - £1.00

I've wanted a sheepskin rug for so long; the budget didn't allow for that so I bought a faux fur version; still super soft and fluffy. I painted the mirror frames (unfinished,  and sorry about the fingerprints) using paint I already had (tip: for projects like this, buy testers of wall paint - they're cheap, hold the perfect amount and you can have fun with lots of different shades). The black frame was painted in chalkboard paint so I can write fun messages in chalk :) I couldn't do much with the bookcase since it doesn't belong to us, but I used pink washi tape along the edges to make it a bit prettier. I used some of the leftover tape to display some of my favourite independent business cards on the wardrobe door.
Duvet set - Wilkinson - £8.00
Cushion c/o The White Company
Throw c/o Next
Bed - Debenhams

I'm so happy to snuggle into fresh, white bedlinen now, it makes the room feel a lot brighter. The small cushion cover was made using Thai silk given to me a few years ago and I added a vintage doily. I had planned to make some garlands or crochet edging for the shelves but ran out of time (hence the pile of yarn casually hanging out there on the bed ;)
Lampshade - Ikea - £7.00

I bought this light-shade for the main light in the room but our stepladder wouldn't allow me to reach that high so I stuck it onto the bedside lamp. It looks a little odd but I like it. Above the bed I hung some pictures we ordered following a photo shoot, as well as this wire heart-shaped noticeboard I've had for a few years now.

Total spend: £56.49 (oops...)

I had so much fun completing this project. If I'd had more time I would love to have trawled charity shops and eBay for some real bargains, but it was fun hitting Ikea for most of the items and I'm so happy with the changes, the room feels a lot lighter and airier and I've enjoyed hanging out in there this week :)

What do you think of my budget bedroom makeover? I hope I've inspired you to refresh a space in your home. Hx


Ali said...

Wow I can't believe the change in the room. It looks so fresh and light. You certainly picked up some wonderful bargains and I love the curtains. Thanks for sharing.
Ali x

aLittleBlonde said...

Love it, especially the disco ball! I've got one kicking about in my room somewhere that I didn't know what to do with and I never thought about putting it in the window, thanks for the idea :)

claireabellemakes.com said...

A fab makeover and my faves are the curtains and the mirror ball. That lovely deep window sill is to die for. I'd have to stuff it with cushions as a reading nook hehe! Like you, I spent most of my budget on curtain fabric but it really is worth it. The new ones brighten the room a lot.

Claire x

Helen Woodward said...

@claireabelle Ooh, a reading nook sounds like a great idea! Although my kitty may have already claimed it as her bird-watching spot.. Hx

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