23 August 2013


I'm slowly working my way through the house, prettifying each area and I'm just starting on the bedroom now. For my side of the bed, I bought a secondhand wooden table. I love the shape and style, just deciding whether to paint it or not (thoughts??) This space will constantly change, but at the moment the tabletop holds a secondhand metal lamp I picked up for £1 last week, my favourite old photo of Mr W and I (when he had long hair!), books I'm currently enjoying, a vintage teacup, a print of an illustration by Amy Blackwell (from Etsy; it's called Looking For Trouble, ha!) and my Retap eco bottle, a gift from green tulip.

The bottle was designed in Denmark and made from glass. I love the curved design - the smooth shape means there's nowhere for bacteria to grow and because it's glass it doesn't contaminate the water, unlike plastic. The glass is very strong, so it's suitable to be carried around in your bag like a normal plastic bottle, however I'm too scared to try it! For now I keep it next to the bed for night-time hydration and it's a very attractive addition to my bedside table.

Even though it's designed to be used as a drinking bottle, I think the Retap bottle would make a perfect addition to a guest bedroom, along with a drinking glass or two. I also think that because it's fairly unusual it would make a great gift for the friend or relative who has everything. What do you think?

You can buy Retap bottles at the green tulip website in a variey of colours. Hx

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Fragile Bird said...

Oooh your table top looks so cool, so retro and vintage, can't belive the lamp was only £1!!

Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

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