29 November 2013

the twins project

I just spotted this photo series, Chimeras, have you seen it? French photographer Julie de Waroquier tracked down identical twins and photographed them side-by-side in ethereal settings. Julie, herself a twin, said that twins have always fascinated her; how they are "almost magic yet they are real" and that the purpose of this project was to question how our society considers what is amazing and surprising in general. The dreamy landscapes that Julie places her subjects in creates a deeper sense of mystery and fascination and although she has been criticised for taking away the individuality of her subjects by dressing them in matching clothing and for placing an emphasis on twins being mythical and magical, I think the project is a beautiful celebration of twins. What do you think?

Have a wonderful weekend! We are hoping to test out some new (secondhand) cars and Phil is running a 10k with his pa (while I wrap up warm and drink tea from a thermos..) Hx
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